More proof of Labor's failure on COAG reforms

Senator Marise Payne, Shadow Minister for COAG, says a planned overhaul of the COAG agenda vindicates the Coalition‟s repeated calls for the agenda to be streamlined and casts further doubt over Labor‟s dismal reform credentials.

"The fact that business leaders, bureaucrats and the chairman of the COAG Reform Council all agree that the COAG reform process needs urgent improvements should be a warning to Julia Gillard to get on with the job of implementing the COAG reforms," Senator Payne said.

"Even Ms Gillard‟s old boss, Victorian State Labor Premier John Brumby, says the COAG process needs to be reformed.

"The COAG reform agenda laboured for three years under Kevin Rudd‟s all-process, no-results approach and since the election, there have been vague proposals for regional spending reform, national disability strategy and online gambling reforms, while existing reforms have languished.

"The Coalition has been arguing for more than a year that Labor should worry about implementing existing items like business and regulatory reform, closing the gap on indigenous disadvantage in health and housing and transport and road reform.

"Julia Gillard can talk all she likes about „reform credentials‟ but this is rendered meaningless when trucks can‟t even cross interstate borders without breaking the law for being half a metre too wide because of the absence of national heavy vehicle regulations.

"Stakeholders are also waiting on action on reforms like payroll tax, construction codes and directors‟ liabilities, along with retail planning and zoning which would increase competition. These have all ground to a halt.

"As a result, we are missing out on significant productivity gains and so the entire community, including consumers and businesses, lose out.

"Julia Gillard should stop talking about reform and get on with the job of implementing it."