COAG reforms continue to stall under Labor

The latest COAG progress report clearly shows that Labor is continuing to stall on key reforms like ending indigenous disadvantage, said Senator Marise Payne, Shadow Minister for COAG.

The COAG Reform Agenda: Report on Progress 2010, clearly states that overarching plans to address indigenous disadvantage, including activities and milestones have not been finalised.

The report also says that ‘COAG should set out more precisely what its key priorities are’ and that ‘implementation plans are currently unclear and inaccessible’.

“This report shows that not only has Labor not embarked on these reforms, it doesn’t even have plans on how to get there,” Senator Payne said.

“This report doesn’t inspire confidence in the Gillard Government for other stakeholders in areas like health, business and regulatory reform and transport and road reform, who are awaiting reforms in their sectors.

“These delays are prime examples of why COAG’s role doesn’t need to be expanded; it needs to be focussed on delivering key reforms already on its crowded agenda.

“Indigenous reform is one of the key reforms facing our nation and it is greatly concerning that the Gillard Government doesn’t yet have a plan to achieve this.

“This is why the Coalition has consistently argued that the COAG agenda is bloated and needs a renewed focus on actual results, not the addition of more items like regional spending reform, worthy as that may be.

“The COAG reform process ground to a halt under the Rudd-Gillard Government and we have seen nothing so far from the Gillard-Greens coalition to indicate that anything has changed.”