Tuesday, 04 July 2023

Australian households will be up to $1828 worse off than Labor promised according to a new energy bill calculator launched today by the Liberal National Coalition.

The energy bill calculator determines how much households could be owed by using the latest official data from the Australian Energy Regulator and Labor’s election promise of a $275 reduction.

Liberal Senator for Western Sydney, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, said the bill calculator provided a way for Australians to cut through Labor’s spin and discover how much more they are paying compared to what Labor had promised them before the election. 


“The soaring cost of living is biting, and Australian households and families are hurting,” Senator Payne said.


“Labor promised residents in Western Sydney that it would reduce household energy bills by $275 but has instead delivered record high prices, with further increases on the way.”


“Not only has the Albanese Labor Government broken its promise to the people of Western Sydney that it would reduce household power bills by $275, but the recent Federal budget reveals they have given up on reducing prices altogether.”

“There was not a single budget measure that addressed the source of the problem of skyrocketing energy bills. Instead Labor only offered a one-off bandaid solution for selected households.” 

The energy bill calculator can be found on the website www.WhatAlboOwesYou.au and includes helpful advice and tips for consumers to reduce their energy bills.

The Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ted O’Brien said that while he welcomed any relief for households, he was surprised to see Labor Ministers celebrating higher energy prices post-budget.

“Only a Labor government would pat itself on the back for delivering the highest energy prices on record,” Mr O’Brien said. 


“Australian households and businesses rely on cheap and reliable energy and deserve a government that can actually deliver on its promises.”


“In the last term of government, the Coalition reduced household energy bills by 8 percent, 10 percent for businesses and 12 percent for industry.”   


Head to www.WhatAlboOwesYou.au to find out how much the Albanese Labor Government owes you.