Morrison Government to deliver Knapsack Park upgrade

Tuesday, 07 May 2019

A re-elected Morrison Government will invest $1.3 million to upgrade facilities at Knapsack Park to ease parking pressure, increase safety and boost sports participation.  

Knapsack Park is home to the growing Blue Mountains Football Club, which in 2018 fielded over 750 players, with aging facilities and limited parking at the ground hampering players and supporters alike Liberal Candidate for Macquarie Sarah Richards was joined by Senator Marise Payne to announce this important investment.  

Ms Richards said the clubhouse is over 50 years old and an upgrade will be of great benefit to this fantastic football club and local community. 

“In my recent experience at Saturday games with Club President, Dave Smith, it was evident that our community needed upgrades to the car park and amenities,” Ms Richards said.  

“Upgrades to the facilities will not only assist those using the park but they will benefit the surrounding residential areas in Glenbrook who also feel the flow on effects of an overcrowded car park. I have listened to the club and parents’ pleas for these amendments and I have fought hard and swiftly on their behalf."
Senator Payne said: “The Morrison Government recognises the importance of local sporting clubs to our community which is why I’m very pleased that we are able invest in Knapsack Park and modernise its clubhouse.  

“Only through a strong economy can governments afford to invest in important local sporting facilities like Knapsack Park.” 

Sarah Richards thanked Blue Mountains Football Club President Dave Smith and Councillor Brendan Christie for their strong advocacy for these upgrades.   

 “This is fantastic news for the Blue Mountains Football Club, our players, members and the local community,” said David Smith, President of the Blue Mountains Football Club.  

“I would like to thank Sarah Richards for her strong support and dedication in securing this much needing funding to fix our dangerous car-park and build a new clubhouse. Everyone has agreed over the past decade that this facility must be fixed- and this announcement by Sarah ensures the entire project to be completed in one go.” 

 “With a returned Morrison Government, committed to keeping the economy strong, we can invest in the infrastructure and amenities our community need,” Senator Payne concluded. 


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