Funding keep the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers Healthy

Saturday, 04 May 2019

A re-elected Morrison Government will invest up to $511,000 to improve the health of the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers.

Liberal candidate for Lindsay, Melissa McIntosh, said that the Nepean River project would improve vegetation and tackle weeds in and along the Rivers working with Muru Mittigar rangers, Penrith City Council and the Hawkesbury River County Council.

“The Nepean River is the environmental and recreational focal point of our community and it needs to be kept in tip-top shape,” Ms McIntosh said.

“Weeds and exotic vegetation have been damaging the health of our River and have been disrupting recreational and sporting groups.

 “This funding package will address these problems by upgrading weed management infrastructure, like the harvester, and revegetating key sections of the River.”

Liberal candidate for Macarthur, Sarah Richards, said “the project would also upgrade weed management infrastructure, such as the weed harvester, to increase the capacity of the Hawkesbury River County Council to undertake ongoing weed management.”

Senator Marise Payne said the iconic Rivers will benefit from the health check-up.

“The influx of exotic vegetation and weeds on the Rivers has damaged their biodiversity and has alarmed local sport, business, education and recreational groups,” Senator Payne said.

“This funding injection will ensure these key Western Sydney waterways are preserved into the future which is great news for the Penrith and Hawkesbury communities.”

Minister for the Environment Melissa Price said the funding will be provided through the $100 million Environment Restoration Fund announced in the 2019-20 Budget.

The Environment Restoration Fund has three key priority areas: protecting threatened and migratory species and their habitats; improving Australia’s coasts, oceans and waterways; and increasing recycling of waste.

“Our rivers and coasts are a major part of leisure and recreation for many Australian families, and this investment will protect the health of those important but delicate ecosystems,” Minister Price said.

“They are also an important source of habitat for many of Australia’s vulnerable native plants and animals, and conserving these areas will assist in improving the trajectory of our threatened species.”

The Environment Restoration Fund builds on our $1 billion investment through the National Landcare Program and complements the Communities Environment Program.

The 2019-20 Budget includes a $3.8 billion investment in a better environment, including a $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package.


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