DHS ICT jobs to stay in Hobart

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Minister for Human Services Senator the Hon Marise Payne today announced Hobart-based ICT staff will stay in Tasmania following a review of ICT operations.

"I met with staff this morning in Hobart to confirm the department will remain where it is, with no staff required to re-locate," Minister Payne said.

The decision comes after a two month period of staff consultation regarding a proposal to relocate Hobart ICT functions to large ICT hubs in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

Minister Payne said the size and complexity of the Department's ICT systems meant staff needed to be located in hubs where a broad range of skills and capabilities were available to draw on.

"I'm pleased that we have found a way to meet this requirement, and keep the jobs based in Hobart," she said.

Minister Payne said staff in Hobart would continue to work in ICT.

"Claims that a decision had already been made regarding these staff were not correct," she said.

"This has been an ongoing process as the department moves to meet changing business priorities.

"Through the consultation process, my department has identified opportunities for these staff to continue to perform roles aligned with their areas of expertise, ensuring they can stay in their hometown."

Minister Payne said the decision to keep the ICT team in Hobart was further proof of the Coalition's commitment to building a stronger Tasmanian economy.

"Thanks to Labor and the Greens, Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate of any State, the lowest workforce participation rate and the lowest average weekly earnings in Australia," Minister Payne said.

"This decision reaffirms our election promise clean up Labor's mess and grow the Tasmanian economy after years of neglect."